Client of this projects wants a house that can provide space for temporary meeting. But the site area isn’t big enough. So, to gain spacious room, an open plan layout is applied.

On the first floor, living room, dining room, and kitchen are set on a large space with no dividing wall. While the main bedroom, it’s also on tje first floor, is divided by furniture so it will it can be moved if it’s required. Still on thi first floor, there’s deck and garage which divided by folding door that can be open to add extra space to the main room.

On the second floor, there are 2 bedrooms, mushola, small lounge, maid’s room, and bathroom. No special layout from second floor since the main activities will be on the first floor.

This house is warped by a lot of openings. They provide natural lighting and air. It also gives the room impression more spacious.

The facade is styled automatically with the opening, since it’s not a big house, there’s no need to add to much “accessories” on its facade. Wall stone added just to break the monotony facade.