This project is a renovation house from a couple with 2 kids client in Colomadu, Karanganyar. The project takes place in a residential area and the site area ise’t too large. The existing building has 1 story floor with 1 bedroom, 1 livingroom, 1 bathroom, carport, and kitchen. The client want to build up the house for providing other bedroom for their kids. The other requirment from the husband, as he likes caring many birds, he wants the house also provides aviary.

Not too many added on the first floor, just refining existing rooms. An open plan concept is applied here because it’s suitable for small space. Kitchen, dining room, and living room are combined in one big space. The main bedroom still exists on the first floor.

At the first alternate design, the aviary zone is placed far from private area so to avoid the smell spreads around main house. But the client prefer places the aviary in front zone, so it also needs something to cover the aviary from outter view. Finally, a secondary skin is applied to cover the aviary.

Arranged bricks is applied as boven to provide proper air circulation and cross ventilation. Beside for providing the proper air circulation, arranged bricks also makes up the facade.