Client of this house is a couple of pensioner with 3 children. The children are married, so left the parent to live together.

Client want a peaceful 1 story house since they are old enough to take care big house. They want the house can accommodate some requirements :

  • 1 master bedroom with bath inside.
  • 2 bedrooms for their children when they’re home.
  • 1 room for assistant.
  • Mushola
  • Terrace to relaxing.
  • And primary requirements of house.

The site is placed in the main roadside. So the orientation on the house will directly to the road as the main access.

East opening is maximized by placing big windows & door in living room. Cross ventilation is provided by the all openings around the house. They also provide natural light.

As tropical house, the roof is designed with wide eave overhang. It will reduce heat from sunlight by making shadow. Also reduce water splash during rain.